We’re Tackling Hunger in Schools Head On

February 9th, 2021 by Dave Lote

There are 820,000 children in classrooms across Britain that go to school hungry. A shocking statistic that, unfortunately, hasn’t made much progress since 2013

With recent findings indicating that 1 in 4 children go to school with £2 or less to spend on food per day. Resulting in hunger, that’s costing £5.4m in lost learning hours each year. With funding for school meals being cut, Acti-Fit is taking it upon themselves to address the problem.

Acti-Fit was founded to make a difference. To leave the community in a better place than when we found it. Along with up skilling community coaches on a national level, we are also launching our own community initiatives.

Starting with our pledge to feed 200 children from deprived areas by the end 2019 – We are launching our own self-funded, self-delivered, community initiative ‘Acti-Fit BreakFAST Clubs’

A free initiative for schools, to take place before lessons, with the objective to deliver a cognitive stimulating activity session, followed by a nutritious meal, to set students up for a focused day of learning.

The BreakFAST Clubs ambition is to use the initiative to help educate students and parents around the importance of nutrition. While at the same time, taking some of the pressure off parents, by sending their kids to schools, knowing they are going to be fed well .

If you are a head teacher or someone of influence around a local school, please contact Ellis Bailey at ellis.bailey@acti-fit.net for information on how you can bring the Acti-Fit BreakFAST Club to your school