Returning back to schools

April 1st, 2021 by Dave Lote

On March 8th children across England returned to schools and therefore our staff also returned to delivery with our two partner schools, Wood End Primary and Dordon Primary.

Following on from providing 6 weeks of online PE lesson for the schools we were looking forward to finally being able to see the staff and pupils again and delivering a variety of our programmes. As we returned to schools, like everyone else, we had to adapt to new challenges and restrictions from social distancing, regular hand washing and twice weekly lateral flow testing for the delivery team. We have implemented all of this to ensure that we are keeping ourselves, staff and pupils as safe as we can.

We are delivering a mix of all of our products within both schools from BreakFAST Clubs, Maths on the Move, PPA and Extra-Curricular to support the school in getting pupils active again after what feels like a long 3 months. As a result of lockdown restrictions, it was estimated that around 2.3 million children were inactive, not even reaching 30 minutes of activity a day so we are determined to make our sessions fun and engaging for everyone to hopefully change their mindsets on physical activity. Our goal is to introduce children to physical activity in a way that is fun and engaging and hopefully create life long changes to their views on being active.

Wood End Primary are one of our partner schools and we are currently working with them offering a BreakFAST Club with Years 2/3, Maths on The Move with Year 5, PPA with Years 1/2 and Extra-Curricular sessions with Year 3/4. We are really enjoying seeing these pupils again, as we saw a lot of them before lockdown and it’s great to see the positive impact our online sessions had as we are being recognised around the school and having amazing interactions with the pupils.

We are also working with Dordon Primary School providing a BreakFAST club and PPA to Year 5 as well as PPA and Extra-Curricular sessions to Year 4. Again, it is amazing to see how many children have interacted with the videos as again we are being recognised as we walk around the school and are having great interactions with children about being active which is great! We believe that the videos we provided during lockdown made a difference and seeing the interactions we are getting really proves how positive these sessions were.

We are really enjoying being back at our partner schools working with a variety of year groups providing a variety of sports from fitness and multi-sports to tag rugby and tennis. We look forward to continuing to work with them throughout the rest of this academic year.

If you would like to find out more about our School Delivery Programme and how it could benefit your school get in touch with our Head of Sports Development, Dave Lote, to find out more.