Return to didi rugby

March 25th, 2021 by Dave Lote

What does the number 1520 mean to us at didi rugby Sutton Coldfield? These are the number of minutes that our didi rugby staff have delivered online so far in 2021! And hopefully this number will stay the same with face-to-face delivery starting back on the 29th March. With the weather slowly improving and the restrictions gradually lifting, we are on track to be hosting some fun, active and engaging sessions for all our didi rugby members and taster sessions.

We hosted the first class on the 29th February 2020 with just 3 classes and 24 members at Sutton Coldfield Rugby Club, since then we have grown with a 133% increase with members since the first lockdown. Due to this growth, we have added a new venue at Harvest Fields Centre, so we are able to cater to the high demand of new members. Now offering 11 classes, across 2 venues with only 18 spaces left for new members operating at 85%+ capacity with members and taster sessions.

Since announcing our return to didi rugby on the 29th March, we have yet again increased in popularity with having 50+ families getting in contact and showing interest in having their children take part in our taster sessions we offer before becoming a didi rugby member! 

To keep our didi rugby members engaged and stay in contact with them throughout the week, our coaches were setting didi challenges for all the members to take part in. They challenged themselves with trying new skills and improving their passing, kicking and the important part – scoring trys!

Our didi rugby sessions not only develop the members rugby skills and fundamental movements, but we support their educational learning with reinforcing colours and numbers while supporting their socialising development.

With the return of didi rugby Sutton Coldfield on Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays. We have announced a new Nursery Delivery Programme, extending our didi rugby provision to educational settings giving the children opportunities during the week to take part in sports activities. Offering 20-30 minute sessions both indoors and outdoors, following covid-19 regulations and safe delivery.

If you are interested in having your child join our didi rugby team then book in for a free taster session at one of our venues by contacting Dave via the information below. Or, you are someone who works within the nursery or early years sector and are interested in our didi rugby provision for your venue then contact Dave via the information below.