Online sessions delivered to schools

March 25th, 2021 by Dave Lote

Circus, American football, tennis, sumo wrestling and a day at the Olympics are some of the few themes that the Acti-Fit coaches included in the online PE videos in lockdown 3.0. Still following the schools PE curriculum, the sessions were made fun, active and engaging for the pupils of our partnering schools.

With our main aim of keeping the pupils active in lockdown, we supplied our two partnering schools with 4 30-minute videos every week targeting each year group – Early years, Reception, KS1 and KS2. Every week the pupils would have a new video that they could engage with throughout the week and had access to all videos from previous weeks in case they wanted to take part in a specific session again. With the case of some pupils accessing these videos from home, the Acti-Fit coaches had to keep in mind about what kind of equipment they may have available to them at the time of the video. With this in mind, we played rugby with a pair of socks, practised on the balancing using tea towels and jumping over our favourite cuddly toys!

Not only were these sessions fun and active for the pupils, but the teachers were also thankful for the support we were providing them. It meant we could take some of the planning and preparation workload off the teachers when it came to PE lessons and getting the teachers involved in the sessions were always a bonus too!

Within the 6 weeks, we created 24 videos, produced 720 active minutes and engaged two primary schools full of pupils. Created 6 blooper videos every week of the behind-the-scenes clips that do not quite make it to the full edited videos. With all of these figures in mind, our Acti-Fit coaches had 992 views altogether across our YouTube channel! Below we have some feedback from our schools that took part in our online videos.  

“These are great!  Thank you so much for getting them to us so quickly!  I can see your team are highly professional. I’ll be sending them to staff shortly.  This will help their workload and they will be extremely appreciative.”  Dordon Associate Headteacher

“Thank you for the links. The sessions look really good – just what we wanted” – Wood End Associate Headteacher

“Thank you for the Sports videos. I completed it with my class today. I’ve had some really good feedback from the one who completed it at home and the pupils who completed it in school with me today kept asking if we could do it again. They are all definitely looking forward to next week.” Wood End PE Coordinator

“I just wanted to share that I’ve had a lot of parents comment on this week’s Online Actifit Lesson saying how much fun their children had taking part at home and a few teachers have mentioned how good they were. Thank you”Dordon PE Coordinator