KickStart Scheme – New Employee

April 20th, 2021 by Dave Lote

During the year of 2020 I was working a 0-hour contract at my local Special Needs primary school as a Teaching Assistant. With schools being opened and closed throughout the year, it became very inconsistent with hours and the work that the school would be able to provide me. With the long-term career in mind of becoming a Community Health and Sport Officer, I was motivated to gain as much knowledge, experience, and qualifications necessary to reach this goal. I started subscribing to apprenticeship schemes and other sporting companies in hoping that I would be accepted onto an apprenticeship scheme to become a qualified sports coach within schools and communities. 

After many months of hitting dead ends, I was signposted towards a new scheme called Kickstart. This scheme was created in July 2020 to help people between the ages of 16-24 years who may be at risk of long term unemployment due to covid-19. The schemes focus was on supporting their customers with requiring a suitable job that would provide them with employment longer than 6 months. As well as short term jobs, Kickstart also pride themselves on providing apprenticeships to help gain qualifications to support their customers aspirations. Kickstart also helps the small businesses that advertise their apprenticeships through the scheme by financially supporting the company and the apprentice and providing them with basic skills and training to ensure the employee fits into the company and fulfils their job role as expected.

I went through the process of filling out the online forms and quickly got designated a work coach, we had weekly phone calls where we set goals for the week including working on my CV and how I could utilise social media to find new jobs and apprenticeships. It took me approximately a month before I came across the Acti-Fit sports coach apprenticeship via Kickstart. After I had applied to the job, I had to keep my work coach updated of my progress. When I was offered the job I was ecstatic with how I had been offered the dream job and how fast and efficient the process was when applying through the Kickstart scheme! It was also a warming feeling knowing that Acti-Fit would also be benefitting from this scheme after small businesses and companies had been going through difficult times during the pandemic. I had such a positive experience when going through this scheme that I would recommend it to any company or individual if they need support with hiring or finding an apprenticeship suitable for them.