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Acti-Fit are proud owners of the didi rugby franchises, Lichfield & Sutton Coldfield

didi rugby has been devised to get young children (18m-6y) active and to teach them new skills while having fun in a safe environment. These age ranges offer flexible boundaries and are based on each child’s ability and confidence as opposed to a strict age structure. We want to make every child comfortable and the programme they enjoy personal to each one of them.

didi MINI (18m-3y)

didi Mini is also an educational experience where children focus on learning more about things like colours, numbers and body parts while they are playing.

Children take part in active and fun-filled sessions which encourage positivity, team play, respect and sportsmanship. Instilling these values early on in life has proven to enhance our future sportsmen and women and encourage a life-long participation in physical activity.

didi JUNIOR (3y-4y)

We will aim to further develop the basic components of fitness in terms of balance, coordination, speed and strength using play and rugby as the tools to deliver these skills.

Alongside the plan to develop the children’s rugby skills, didi Juniors continues to have an educational theme throughout. Kids will be furthering their number learning, sequencing, understanding of rules and starting to understand concepts of play.

didi SENIOR (4y-6y)

Children are taught skills and we are also keen to help them understand why and how they use these skills within a game situation. We will use tag rugby belts to enable an easier transition to under-7s rugby.

The didi Senior program is an educational package that teaches rugby skills, while incorporating learning through play.

Don't just take our word for it.

I’d just like to say thank you for your amazing after school club – its made such a difference to my daughter – who comes home happy and bubbling over about what fun she’s had

Parent of After School Club participant

Our 2 year old woke up this morning asking for if was rugby day, he loves the didi rugby sessions! Dave and Connor’s dedication to the zoom sessions through lockdown shows the passion and love they have for teaching kids. They come up with imaginative and accessible ways for kids to build their confidence with the ball and have fun. Our boy is also getting better at listening (most of the time) as the weeks go by.

didi rugby parent

didi rugby