didi rugby launched Brand New Early Years Delivery Programme

May 20th, 2021 by Dave Lote

Since lockdown 3.0 lifted didi rugby Sutton Coldfield has never been so popular with families and children. With there being such popular demand of our weekend provisions, we reached out to nurseries and Early Years settings to register any interest they may have had about our didi rugby provision and the rest was history!

During the Covid-19 pandemic, we found that the children between the ages of 18 months to 6 years have been impacted quite significantly. With being in a lockdown this had affected their socialisation, learning and confidence that they would have developed at nursery and by taking part in sports/social groups; the staff at nurseries expressed how they were keen to give the children any opportunities they can to develop their socialising and their ability to learn through play.

Our nursery sessions are still focused around the didi rugby values of fun, confidence, and activity. The aim of the sessions are to develop the children’s listening skills, ability to follow instructions and teamwork while still improving their knowledge of colours, numbers and body parts. Different to the weekend sessions, we do not have the support of the children’s parents or careers throughout the lessons so during nursery delivery we ensure we are supporting every child and giving positive reinforcement in every aspect of the lesson. They take part in activities such as ball control, kicking, try-time challenges, what’s the time mister wolf, Simon says, our famous obstacle course and many more!

On the 6th April 2021 we took the didi rugby Sutton team to our first didi nursery taster. Kitted out with our equipment and favourite didi activities in mind, we delivered 3 engaging and fun sessions. Now a month later, we have didi rugby contracts with Footsteps nursery within two of their sites around Sutton Coldfield and another contract with Taylor Tots nursery! We have another two contracts in the pipeline and some more positive prospects for our Nursery Delivery Programme.

If you are someone who works within the nursery or early years sector and are interested in our didi rugby provision for your venue then contact Dave via the information below.