didi rugby delivery is thriving

May 20th, 2021 by Dave Lote

Since the return of face-to-face sessions on the 29th March, didi rugby Sutton Coldfield has never been busier! With only starting in February 2020 with just 24 members and 3 classes, our memberships and popularity has grown immensely and keeps growing every week. By the end of 2020 we had 48 active members for didi rugby Sutton Coldfield, a year onwards and one pandemic later we have now expanded our memberships to 104 and counting!

Having launched didi rugby Sutton Coldfield at our first venue at Sutton Rugby Club in 2020, the popularity we were building within the Sutton Coldfield community meant we had the ability to expand to a brand new venue! On April 17th 2021, we launched at Harvest Fields Centre. We already had an extensive waiting list, fully booked classes and some eager new members ready to join the didi rugby family! Since the re-introduction of face-to-face sessions we have had a huge amount of interest in taster sessions across both venues, adding up to a grand total of 156 tasters!

Our didi rugby franchise, Sutton Coldfield has now progressed even further with introducing a new Nursery Delivery Programme; acquiring contracts with three nurseries and receiving new enquires regularly. We are also proud to announce that we have also expanded didi rugby over to the Lichfield area! With the launch in place for the 5-6th June 2021, we have already acquired numerous tasters who have showed interest in becoming didi rugby members and we believe that Lichfield will be just as popular as Sutton Coldfield.

We could not have achieved these amazing statistics and the ability to expand without the support from our didi rugby members. They have aided our expansion through recommendations to other families and friends while also participating in a new video blog we launched.

Didi rugby diaries was introduced to help gain an insight into how didi rugby supported the families and the children throughout the numerous lockdowns and what their favourite part about the sessions were. We found that we had provided the families with structure, routine and gave the children something to look forward to during their week. We also supported the children’s learning by getting them active, developing new skills and getting creative when making their own obstacle course. Despite the sessions being online, we still had such a positive impact which has lead to us being able to achieve this popularity and introduce new members and a nursery programme.  

If you are interested in your child joining the didi rugby team or would like some more information regarding the sessions or nursery delivery, then please get in contact with Dave via the information below.