Acti-Fit & Tenstar team up to deliver #HAF2021 Winter Camp

December 23rd, 2021 by Dave Lote

Acti-Fit HAF is back! And our winter camp was better than ever. After a successful summer delivery of the Holiday Activities and Food (HAF) programme, Acti-fit were honoured to deliver a winter camp for the children of Walsall community!

Our winter camp delivery programme was planned around providing the children with a session of multi-sports, enrichment, food-based activities and E-Sports gaming every day for 4 days; providing them with different experiences and opportunities every day. As well as providing them with 2 meals a day. After receiving the positive feedback from the children at the summer camp regarding the activities that were delivered; the delivery team wanted to involve them again within our winter camp but with a festive twist. 

Acti-Fit were proud to partner with Tenstar, an E-sports gaming company, to provide an immersive educational gaming experience. Tenstar created an exciting and engaging environment for the children in one of the classrooms with monitors, special effects lights and gifting merchandise throughout the week while the children competed against one another in a popular game called Rocket League. The ‘buzz’ from the children throughout demonstrated just how popular this workshop was!

Acti-Fit also provided the children with different sports across the 4 days. This involved football, dodgeball, capture the flag and a new game of Squareball. It allowed the children to get to know each other, learn new hobbies and get active!    

The enrichment activities were all following the theme of Christmas, they created snowmen out of egg boxes, toilet-roll reindeers, Christmas cards and challenged the children to see how good they were at wrapping Christmas presents… and the Acti-Fit team!

The delivery team provided food-based activities for the children to allow them to try new foods, eat healthy and see how making healthier choices can still taste good and be fun to make! They created fruit Santa’s, decorated Christmas pancakes, decorated gingerbread people and made apple cookies – a popular one from summer camp!

An essential part of the HAF delivery was providing these children with 2 meals a day across the 4 days. We provided them with a selection of breakfast items so they could start their day with a healthy nutritious meal to keep their energy and concentration up throughout the different activities! They then finished their day at camp with a fresh hot lunch, supplied by a local company called Han’smade lunches. They supplied a different selection of healthy lunches to suit all dietary needs for the children to take home and enjoy. Across the 4 days Acti-Fit supplied an amazing 280 meals to 35 children ranging from porridge, fruit, cereals for breakfast to salmon, chicken, pasta, cottage pie and fruit pots for lunch!

As well as having a positive impact on the children, HAF aims to offer opportunities for the families. Every family that registered for Acti-Fit camp, they are signposted towards other local services and information to support their health, employment and education while also developing their understanding on nutrition. Before the camp started, the families were provided with food parcels. They included fresh fruit, veg and cupboard staples; as well as being given recipe cards that the families could use to make meals together.

Acti-Fit were honoured to have been given the opportunity to deliver HAF once again for the Walsall council and enabled us to support many more families in the process. We would like to thank the staff of Delves junior school for allowing us to deliver our camp in their school. We would also like to show a huge appreciation for the Tenstar team for delivering alongside us and providing the children with an amazing gaming experience and we cannot wait to deliver alongside them again in 2022.