Acti-Fit Launch new didi rugby Franchise in Lichfield

June 11th, 2021 by Dave Lote

With such a successful year for didi rugby Sutton Coldfield, Acti-Fit were proud to launch the didi rugby franchise in Lichfield! With the planning for the Lichfield launch being in the pipelines since November 2020, the team were delighted to announce the date of the opening weekend of 5th-6th June 2021.

Once announced across social medias, the interest came flooding in and Lichfield was looking to be extremely popular! Hosting 5 sessions across the weekend, by day 4 after announcement we had already booked in 27 children. As the weeks went on, we had more bookings totalling to 49 families on opening weekend sessions and then an additional 21 on the second weekend of Lichfield.

The sun was shining on day one of the opening weekend, children arriving with their families eager to have a go at the sessions and the full didi coaching team there, we knew it was going to be a great weekend! Armed with all of our equipment and didi merchandise we had planned 5 amazing sessions across the weekend to ensure all of the children had the best experience possible. Playing our favourite games of tails, red light/green light, kicking chaos and finishing off with an obstacle course, we saw a lot of smiles and heard a lot of laughter all weekend from the children and parents! As a didi team we could all agree we had a very successful and enjoyable launch, and this was reciprocated by the amazing feedback from the parents:

“We joined a didi rugby taster on Sunday with our 18month old. We weren’t sure how much he would gain from it having previously attended another sports club which was of a similar nature, we just seemed too advanced for his age group. However, he loved it! It was so well organised and the trainers really took their time to engage with every child on the pitch. The activities were suitable for the age group and it was amazing to see our little one get involved in the kicking, throwing, running through obstacles and following instruction. There were children of varying ages between 18months to 3 years and they all just looked to be having the best time! We signed up straight away and cant wait to attend again! Highly recommend”Parent of didi rugby Lichfield member 

With limited spacing in each session, make sure you book your free taster fast! You can do this by contacting Dave via the information below.